Managed Packet Capture

One of the most high value, low cost tools for discovery and response to security incidents is the ability to analyze network activity. Alpha Defense will deploy cutting edge technologies that capture, store, and analyze full packet captures, which can be analyzed both for incident response and discovery of unknown compromises using commodity hardware.


In addition to providing response and detection capabilities, Alpha Defense's experienced engineers will continually hunt for evidence of unknown compromises, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), and malware infections. 

Managed Incident Response

Our managed services are customized around the size of your organization's network, your internal resources and the risk profile of your industry. This service provides the following benefits over our on demand IR Services:

  • Complimentary assessment of current IR strategy

  • Review of existing detection tools

  • Guaranteed response times

  • Discounted hourly rates

Managed Vulnerability Assessment

In organization with even the smallest of networks, identification of known vulnerabilities in software can provide a powerful picture of your network's security state, along with prevention of compromises and lateral spread of internal infections. Often, managing this picture can be time consuming and tedious, as most vulnerability assessment tools provide large amounts output that is difficult to interpret practically.


Using Alpha Defense's extensive experience in network management and software exploitation, we can, at varying intervals, interpret these results and provide actionable information relevant to your organization. 

Every organization has security needs that are unique to their technology, industry, and staff. These needs can be difficult to fulfill internally without extensive hardware and staffing resources. At Alpha Defense, we understand these challenges and have managed services models that can allow your organization to leverage our extensive experience to meet your internal needs and goals.

Managed Services

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