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Cyber threats are imminent, and we are at the forefront to protect and defend our clients while engineering long-term solutions to safeguard their resources. Each client is unique, and therefore each solution is catered to the distinct needs of their organization. We believe in a dynamic approach that builds trust and leads our partners through our problem-solving process in order to produce the most effective and extensive solutions. We use advanced software tools to push industry standards, never suggesting resolutions that are less than what your organization deserves.


We promise to never leave a rock unturned, and always support our partnership for years to come. Our company is built on value and trust - we imbue it on our employees and we believe this is the key to successful cyber security. We are not a one size fit all model, we are dynamic security.

Our Dynamic Core Approach





We believe proactive rather than reactive cybersecurity is going to change the game - because it's not a question of if, it's a question of when. 


Application Assessment

The Alpha Defense team has extensive application security experience. We have analyzed some of the most complex and advanced software on the market today, providing software developers with detailed reports of vulnerabilities in their application or architecture. We leverage our extensive experience in reverse engineering, exploit development, dynamic testing and static analysis to enumerate a wide range of potential issues in your application.

Incident Planning & Response

Prepare for an incident to occur by outlining policies and procedures to identify when an incident has occurred, along with immediate actions to take for containment and response. Actively responding to a breach for containment, understanding what actions were performed, preventing the same breach in the future, and performing necessary reporting.

IoT / Embedded Device

For hardware and embedded device manufacturers, thorough and skilled security evaluation of devices and related components is essential to the protection of device users and customers. The risk of damage caused by compromised hardware can be significant, making evaluation and protection of such devices crucial.

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Managed Services

Every organization has security needs that are unique to their technology, industry, and staff. These needs can be difficult to fulfill internally without extensive hardware and staffing resources. At Alpha Defense, we understand these challenges and have managed services models that can allow your organization to leverage our extensive experience to meet your internal needs and goals.

Penetration Testing

Depending on the size of your network, there could be millions of potential resources an attacker could use to gain access to your network and sensitive data. Exploitation of your software, social engineering your employees, and physical vulnerabilities in your facilities are some of the ways an attacker could gain unfettered and persistent access to your data.

Social Engineering

People are the weakest link of any network, and cyber attacks often occur when employees or users are exploited to divulge sensitive information through legitimized interactions. Social engineering is the manipulation of this human interaction in order to deceive an end-user of an identity or intention in order to retrieve sensitive information or gain access to a network.

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