Social Engineering

People are the weakest link of any network, and cyber attacks often occur when employees or users are exploited to divulge sensitive information through legitimized interactions. Social engineering is the manipulation of this human interaction in order to deceive an end-user of an identity or intention in order to retrieve sensitive information or gain access to a network.

Socially engineered attacks focus on the human element that is the most vulnerable in the cyber world, where hackers legitimize their identity on false terms through email, baiting schemes, downloads, hidden malware and more in order to manipulate the trust of your users and gain internal access to a system or information.


Alpha Defense uses an ethical hacking approach to test your company’s system. This enable us to mirror real-world intruders and diagnose the weak points in your network, while creating an action plan of how to reinforce them.


Attacker disguises themselves as a legitimate source and uses their identity to retrieve personal, financial or business information from an individual, often tricking the victim into installing malware or other applications where the attacker can gain access to their network. We utilize these same style phishing attacks to test your employees on their vulnerability, and to see which users are falling victim to such attacks.

Spear Phishing


Attacker’s utilize personal information to make contact with an individual or organization as a seemingly legitimate source. The use of personal information grants a higher success rate for spear phishers and often leads the victim to divulging sensitive information. Organization often suffer the most from these types of attacks when employees fall victim to disclosing financial or confidential data. We deploy a simulated spear phishing attack within your network to see which users are falling victim, and what training we can develop to better your internal security.

Penetration Testing

In order to understand where the weaknesses are within a network, Alpha Defense must look internally using offensive exploitation techniques, providing us the ability to present you with an attacker-level view of your network and resources, exposing the critical issues an attacker would exploit to obtain access to your data and resources. This approach enables us to see where and how social engineering was used to penetrate your network, as well as which specific individuals and devices were targeted.

USB Thumb Drive Testing

Attackers often utilize USB drives to gain access to sensitive information stored on a computer or network. USB’s easily hold viruses or application that enable (once connected) hackers to retrieve access to logins, passwords and any other comparable information that would enable the hacker to gain access to an internal network. Victims often find USB’s around the office or workplace, connect them to their computer to see what they contain, and are immediately infected. We are able to...

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